Charlotte and Tim are a Sheffield-based company dedicated to creating compelling performance that can be accessed by as many people as possible.

Our aim is to create work that explores important concepts and that people find entertaining, compelling, or that otherwise draws them in. The ideal response to our work is a debate between audience members who disagree over the concepts the work explores: we wish to foster discussion and provoke thought rather than deliver lessons, without ever boring our audience.

We’re currently presenting the Northern Art festival in association with Theatre Delicatessen. With Northern Art we’re offering a night of pay-what-you-decide entertainment to the people of Sheffield, as well as an opportunity for up-and-coming Northern artists to perform their work to an audience. All donations are split between the companies who perform on the night. Check our blog for details on call-outs and line-ups for the next Northern Art!

Our first public performance was at Northern Art #1 in December 2014, where we presented Freedom and Happiness Can Be Yours, where for one hour audience members paid to use objects on our bodies.

Before forming Charlotte and Tim we worked together to stage new writing, including Tamed, a challenging, immersive piece of theatre about consent.


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