Dawn Robinson Interview

Question 1:
What’s your show like, in ten words?
An attempt to become „proper“ British-in a TV-show format.


Question 2:
What would you like people to take away from your show?
It would be great if people would ask themselves about how much „National“-thinking is within them, why that is and how they actually benefit from it. What do they take from it? Is it the humans need to be part of something bigger?
Why do we need/still have traditions?
Generally I would be very happy if people would reflect on their behavior and thinking when it comes to nationality. Is it bringing us closer together or tearing us apart?


Question 3:
Tell us something we don’t know about you.
I am actually really shy.


Question 4:
What’s so great about the North?
Certainly not the weather.
But what is great is that things are still in development, it its easier to set things up and do something yourself than in most of the places in the south(London in particular) where everything is already made.
Question 5:
Beer, wine, or cake?
Depending on the day. But cake would never be the option.

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