Stitch Theatre Interview

Question 1:

What’s your show like, in ten words?

A call to action

An awakening

A time for Heroes

Question 2:

What would you like people to take away from your show?

We want people to take away a fierce desire to tell and re-tell stories. The things they have

done. The things they have seen or heard about people doing. Talk about the journeys and

the things that had to be overcome. Share stories about the times that were spent winning …

or losing. When did you assume the mantle of the hero? When will you do it again?

Question 3:

Tell us something we don’t know about you.

James carries a gym membership in his wallet but actually never ends up going there.

Martyna collects branches and keeps them on her window ledge… weirdo.

Question 4:

What’s so great about the North?

There are so many great things that people might associate with a Northern identity, like

Being straightforward,resilient, cheerful and good spirited. When people talk about a group

of people like that, and as people who live and work in the north, we want to feel that as an

earned reputation and keep it as such. The weather isn’t inviting most of the time but the

people sure are.

Question 5:

Beer, wine, or cake?

What kind of question is this? Obviously CAKE!


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