The Beginning of Edgar & Me

I’ve always been interested in prison life. When I was younger I used to watch the bill and bad girls, now I’m older I’ve watched every Trevor McDonald documentary, every BBC series and have recently started watching Making a Murderer. So when I found out you could write to someone on death row, simply by typing into Google death row pen pal and clicking the first link, I did it immediately.

That was four and a half years ago. I scrolled through many pictures and profiles and then just suddenly stopped at Edgars. He fascinated me and so I wrote to him immediately.  After a few months his replied arrived and we’ve been writing ever since.

I never intended to make a performance depicting my friendship with a man on death row, if I’m perfectly honest I didn’t think anyone would be interested as for me this is the norm. Edgar is my friend and for me that was it. I don’t really acknowledge he is on death row anymore when we are writing.

 So I was faced with a short timescale to create a performance for the end of my MA, and so Edgar & Me was created. Between myself, Tim Norwood my director, and of course Edgar himself we created a solo show. As people heard our story we were encouraged to share it more and more. So begins the showings of Edgar & Me in Putney, Sheffield and Camden.

 It would be great to share our story with you all and we would love to see you at our performances. For further information please contact me on


Twitter: @CharElizabeth92 

Or find our press release:

And to buy tickets for Putney here:


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