Call Out: One to One Performance Event. Deadline Sunday 12th July

One to One Performance Call-Out

Charlotte Blackburn is creating a One to One Performance Scratch event at The Moor Theatre Delicatessen on Saturday 8th August. Theatre Delicatessen is spread over four floors with various rooms, nooks and crannies to be filled with one to one performance. The day will run from 12pm-6pm, performances will be repeated throughout the day, with breaks.

This event is open to everyone, whether you are creating your first One to One performance, or you are an established artist. Ticket sales will be split artists involved.

For all expressions of interest please email

Please Include:

-Your name/company name -Your contact details –Who you are: what you do, how you work, who you hope to reach, what your ethos is. –The performance you’d like to do. What inspired it, what’s it like to watch or experience? It doesn’t need to be something you’ve already performed, or even already created, but you’ll need to explain it more clearly if it’s only an idea at this point. – Evidence of your work. This can be video or sound recordings, reviews, photos, pieces of writing, your CV or anything else that lets us know what your work is like. It can be work you’ve done in the past, as well as the piece you’re proposing. Links are easier than attachments. (Attachments are still fine.)

Deadline Sunday 12th July


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