Northern art #5 Programme

Charlotte and Tim present the Northern Art Festival, an evening of live entertainment from emerging Northern artists. Northern Art 5 features dance, music, one-man drama, and comedy!
Entry is free, and you can pay what you decide for each show after seeing it.
Where: At Theatre Delicatessen, on The Moor in Sheffield.
When: Friday 5th June, doors open 6:30PM, last show finishes 10:10PM.

The lineup:
Sanctum, Quite Right Theatre, 7:00PM – 8:00PM
Sanctum is a one man show which was created last November and first shown at Sheffield’s Light Night Festival in a small room on the second floor of Theatre Delicatessen.  The play is about a Kosovan refugee and his experience of the years building up to war, the years of the war itself and finally fleeing Kosovo, becoming a refugee in Sheffield.

Bella Shimmy, 8:15PM – 8:45PM
Bella Shimmy, a Bellydance class based in Sheffield, perform a selection of their member-choreographed pieces.

What’s So Funny?!, The Susan Project, 9:00PM – 9:30PM

This premiere open mic [slash] gong show puts your laughter before anything else (including our comedians’ tears!) so why not sit back and relax and demand we make you laugh? I mean really. Why not? It’s not as if it’s such a big demand. Just being funny. Who couldn’t do that? Eh?

Teah Lewis, 9:45PM – 10:10PM
Teah Lewis, acoustic folk-indie singer, musician, and songwriter, presents a selection of covers and original music.


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