Northern Art 3 – Touch tales

Touch tales, Katharina Arnold and James Whittle
Appearing: Northern Art Festival 3, 3rd April 2015

When: 7:45PM (30 minutes)

Where: the bar, on the cabaret stage

Touch tales blurs the typical roles of dancer and musician in order to examine different forms of touch.

If the cello had hands it would play itself.
Since it has none, it lies there alone having only one wish: to be played, to sound, to sing, to do what it is supposed to.”

What makes touch loving, embracing, manipulative, neglecting, abusive?
Does the cello want to be played? Is it used without its permission – does it provoke with its curves? In this piece, a series of interweaving stories about touch reflect on the consequences of actions.

I know how to touch you, I know what you’ll sound like.
Tell me what you want. I’m listening.”

Katharina’s online details:
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