Northern Art 3 – The Glummer Twins

The Glummer Twins
Appearing: Northern Art Festival 3, 3rd April 2015

When: 10:00PM (30 minutes)

Where: the bar, on the Cabaret Stage

30 years after they first appeared on stage together in the legendary Circus of Poets, David Harmer and Ray Globe return as the glummer twins to put the 21st century to rights. Fast paced, rhythmic two handed stand-up poetry, comedy and music. “Genuinely Funny” Saga Magazine

The Glummer Twins

The Glummer Twins


Fast paced, rhythmic two handed stand-up comedy poetry,based [very] loosely around the theme of getting older. Mainly two handed performance poetry, often layered to give a backing track and lead voice. We also use looping in some pieces to provide additional layers/texture. The show included a few pieces with live musical backing. To give a flavour the set contains: Train Spotter, Middle Aged Men in Lycra, The Mod Grandfather, Elvis Quiff, 1957, A Streetcar Named Retired, Silver Surfer, Middle Class Elderly Fat Bloke Rap. So, some nostalgia, plenty of self deprecating humour, a bit of putting the world to rights and a few surreal insights into modern life. The show has a loose narrative strand rather than just being a set of random pieces.

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