Northern Art 3 – Fear of the Unseen

Fear of the Unseen, Sheffield Dance Network
Appearing: Northern Art Festival 3, 3rd April 2015

When: 9:15PM (30 minutes)

Where: the atrium

“The oldest and strongest emotion of mankind is fear, the oldest and strongest kind of fear is fear of the unknown” (H.P Lovecraft).

Fear of the Unseen

Fear of the Unseen

Fear of the Unseen is a work progress inspired by Sir Hans Krebs – Professor of Biochemistry. This first phase of this work taps into our fear of what we cannot see, the idea of trusting someone else with your body and them making the decisions for you. Suspending, risk taking, catching and almost falling – the dancers play in a game-like fashion, maneuvering their way around each other to find connections.

About the Dance Network Sheffield:
The Dance Network Sheffield is a new collective of independent dance artists living and working in Sheffield. Since 2013 we have developed a small network of dancers and professional artists with a determination to build a profile for contemporarydance within Sheffield. The networks core members meet on a weekly basis to peer-lead technique classes and improvisation workshops.

For more information about The Dance Network Sheffield, classes & workshops contact:


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