Northern Art 2 – I, Clodia

I, Clodia, by Susie Casson, performed by the Dily Guite Players
Appearing: Northern Art Festival 2, 7th of March 2015
8:50PM (30 minutes)
Where: the bar, on the Cabaret Stage

‘I, Clodia’ tells the story of a rich Roman noblewoman, wife of a prominent politician, whose luxurious if somewhat limited lifestyle is shattered when she becomes captivated by a young poet, Catullus. Clodia quickly finds herself embroiled in a dangerous, life-changing love triangle, and a world of poetry, murder and intrigue. Having waited over two thousand years to present her side of the story, Clodia finally gets to have her say and invite you to judge the choices she has made.

I, Clodia

I, Clodia

This brand new play by Susie Casson, developed from a short scene presented at the Lantern Theatre New Writing Festival in 2014, performed by the Dily Guite Players, directed by Sarah Spencer. It explores the theme of love, what it leads us to do and how far we will go for the one we love.
The DGP’s online details: and on Facebook: The DGP – Theatre Company


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