Northern Art March programme!

Here’s the programme for the March Northern Art Festival!

Charlotte and Tim present Northern Art Festival, an evening of live entertainment from Northern artists. The festival showcases performances from emerging artists based in the North.
For the March festival our artists are presenting performances on the theme of politics, in association with Now Then Magazine’s Festival of Debate.
Entry to the festival is free, and you can pay what you decide for each show after seeing it.

Where: At Theatre Delicatessen, on The Moor in Sheffield.
When: Saturday 7th March, from 6:30PM to 11PM.

A Comment on Politics by an Academic: you, Erin Lawlor
7:00PM – 7:30PM
What is politics? The way a country is structured? An awkward dinner party conversation? A joke? The term used to determine our ruling party? Based on real conversations with real people, we explore what politics is to you: the people.

Fatherland, Katharina Arnold
7:50PM – 8:30PM
Your father, my father, his father, her father:
A male role model, one’s hero, one’s anti-hero, someone who cares for you, someone who never wanted kids, someone who will form the way you look at men, a protector, a castigator, someone who carries you to bed or someone passing by.
The piece
Fatherland paints a picture of the different relationships of the four performers with their fathers. They are reflecting in different ways on how they were influenced by their fathers and question the meaning of “to father”. In exploring these notions dance meets spoken word meets film on stage.
Katharina’s online details:

I, Clodia, by Susie Casson, performed by the Dily Guite Players
8:50PM – 9:30PM
‘I, Clodia’ tells the story of a rich Roman noblewoman, wife of a prominent politician, whose luxurious if somewhat limited lifestyle is shattered when she becomes captivated by a young poet, Catullus. Clodia quickly finds herself embroiled in a dangerous, life-changing love triangle, and a world of poetry, murder and intrigue. Having waited over two thousand years to present her side of the story, Clodia finally gets to have her say and invite you to judge the choices she has made.
This brand new play by Susie Casson, developed from a short scene presented at the Lantern Theatre New Writing Festival in 2014, performed by the Dily Guite Players, directed by Sarah Spencer. It explores the theme of love, what it leads us to do and how far we will go for the one we love.
The DGP’s online details: and on Facebook: The DGP – Theatre Company

Lilith, Kate Radford
9:40PM – 10:15PM
“It is He who casts the lot for them, and with His hands He marks off their shares of her; They shall possess her forever, and dwell there from generation to generation.” Isiah, 34.
This show includes graphic language in relation to the mutilation of the female body.
Kate’s online details: @Kate_Radford_

Just Saying How It Is, Carol Robson
10:30PM – 11:10 PM
Just Saying How It Is is a Spoken Word/Poetry performance. It covers social comment on political issues, the homeless; gender, sexuality, disability, mental health, and women’s issues, also there may be flashes of humour. This performance also includes some pieces from Carol’s show Finding Me, performed at the Edinburgh Fringe in 2014.
Carol’s online details: @chakracaz


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