Northern Art Programme!

We’re very excited to announce the Northern Art programme!

The Northern Art Festival is an evening of live entertainment happening in Sheffield on the 19th of December. The doors will open at 6PM, with the first show at 6:30. The last show will finish at 10:30, with the festival wrapping up at 11PM.
Come and have a drink and a mince pie, relax, and see some shows. Entry is free, and you can pay what you decide for each show after seeing it.

Our line-up’s below the cut! Click the name of each piece to learn more.

This is Mine. What’s yours? (For) As Long As Love Lasts Theatre Company

A site specific based performance for one audience member at a time. You are invited to share an intimate moment with a gorilla.

The Christmas Live Survival Guide, Madeline Shann

The Christmas Live Survival Guide is a one-woman miniature musical about Steve, who just can’t get into the “Christmas spirit”, and his friend Annie, who resolves to do everything she can to make him.

The Blue Pawn, Ray Castleton

A retired police officer dons his uniform in public once more to describe his personal experiences during the 1984/85 miner’s strike.

Freedom and Happiness Can Be Yours, Charlotte and Tim

Two bodies wait to serve you.
A range of items cover the tables and the walls. Simply pay the price and use the items on our bodies to liberate your inner empowerment.

How the Light Gets, Clare Sita Fisher

How the Light Gets is an interactive storytelling installation. It is a performance. It is an exploration of the ways in which words can and cannot lead us through the dark. It is a very long question.


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