Northern Art Festival call-out

Call for Artists: Northern Art Festival
Deadline: 14th of November.

Northern Art festival, a showcase of new and emerging artists based in the North of England, is looking for artists.

Friday December 19th in Sheffield, at Theatre Delicatessen’s Old Woolworths.

We’re looking for performances: live art, theatre, music, dance, spoken word – anything, so long as it’s live, and you’re based in the North. At least four performances will be selected. Any number of people can be involved in your performance.

Please email with the following information by 14th November. We’ll get back to you by the 16th.

-Your name, or the name of your company

-Your contact details

-The names of everyone involved in your performance

-Who you are: what you do, how you work, who you hope to reach, what your ethos is

-The performance you’d like to do. What’s inspired it, what’s it like to watch or experience? It doesn’t need to be something you’ve already performed, or even already created, but you’ll need to explain it even more clearly if it’s only an idea at this point.

-Evidence of your work. Give us links rather than attachments if you possibly can (don’t worry if not). This can be video or sound recordings, reviews, photos, pieces of writing, or anything else that lets us know what your work is like. It can be work you’ve done in the past as well as the piece you’re proposing.


You’re available for the day of the festival, Friday December 19th.

You’re a new or emerging artist or company. Unless you can already pay the bills on your art alone, you should be fine.

Further information:

Northern Art will run on a profit-share basis with open accounting. All performances must be pay-what-you-decide. We can’t pay you for performing or give you money towards your performance budget. We can try and help you in other ways such as giving you photography and film documentation for your piece.

Your performance will preferably fit into a half-hour or hour slot. If it’s a shorter piece, you might consider repeating it several times to fill one such slot. If you can repeat the performance over the course of the night, that’s even more helpful. On the other hand, if you have an idea for a durational performance, please do apply.

If your performance can get in and get out of a space quickly and easily, that would be beneficial, though it isn’t essential. On the other hand, if you’d like to do an installation,do tell us about it.

You can apply with more than one performance. If you do, please send in a separate application for each performance.

Please email us at with your proposal, or if you have any questions.

Charlotte and Tim


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